Fiberglass for Homes

Insulation Product Features

Insulation helps keeps heat inside your home in winter and outside in summer. Fiberglass insulation is the most frequently installed residential insulation both in new construction and as an upgrade to existing materials.


It’s available as roll-out blankets called batts sized to fit between attic joists or inside wall voids. It also comes in the form of loose fibers blown in under air pressure through hoses. When proper installation procedures are observed and the insulation is maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations, fiberglass has a long useful service life

The primary factor that may reduce the useful lifespan of fiberglass insulation is settling or compaction

To maintain maximum insulating properties, fiberglass should remain in a fluffed state as when originally installed.







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Long Time Protection For Your Home

The expected service life of fiberglass insulation under ideal conditions is usually stated as 100 years. When service life is included in the terms of a fiberglass insulation manufacturer’s guarantee, it is frequently expressed as “for the life of the building.”

The weight of moisture saturation due to roof leaks or condensation can compact the insulation and cause it to permanently settle.

Fiberglass insulation may also be compacted in the attic if heavy objects such as boxes are stored on top of it or in walls if it is pinched or squeezed during installation into confined areas.

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