New Construction & Retrofit

Simple solutions for all your residential projects.

Our components work together to provide exceptional energy efficiency, help save an average of more than 25% on heating and cooling costs for the opaque wall surface modeled*, and provide a complete air and water barrier, as well as acoustical performance qualities.

Simple choice great benefits

  • One supplier. One solution.
  • Provides insulating options for various geographical regions
  • Systems solution that helps provide an air and water barrier
  • 2012 Energy Codes are now requiring continuous insulation (ci) in more climate zones

Commercial Insulation

When it comes to choosing a form of insulation, we offer a variety of options available. However, fiberglass insulation tends to be more budget-friendly! Fiberglass insulation accomplishes similar results to costly insulation methods, but it may be cheaper, faster, and more optimal for your home or commercial building.

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Construction & Retrofit Projects

H&K Insulation* uses fiberglass insulation for retrofit (re-insulation) and new construction projects. We have experience with both commercial and residential projects and can install fiberglass in walls, attics and crawl spaces.

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